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Mark M. Walker, Owner
About the Owner
Working most of my adult life, I decided to take a leap of faith and invest in an opportunity to buy a franchise when it presented itself. The seed for the idea was created well before I knew I was interested in it. Growing up watching my dad play golf and bringing his score cards home, he would keep track of his game by marking on his score card his round and sometimes making notes.

When reviewing the franchise opportunity for The Caddy Card™, dad’s old score cards came to mind. From there I went to a few golf courses and discussed if The Caddy Card™ concept would be something they would be interested in. After all, why wouldn’t they be? It was free to the course since I would be doing all the leg work necessary to produce the card. Comments were all positive and everything was set in motion. I was off and running.

I didn’t realize I was literally “off and running”. Since my first card, I have been all over the state of Alabama. I’ve recently entered into contracts with the six Alabama state park golf courses called “The State Parks Path” with courses near Huntsville to Gulf Shores and many points in between.

I am excited about the future of “Par for the Course” Marketing, LLC. Since starting in 2012, I have been able to build many relationships with golf courses in Birmingham and surrounding areas. With other contracts and courses coming, I feel The Caddy Card™ I provide will give the average golfer a unique way keep record of their round and improve their score.

As a golf course, a golfer, or an advertiser, let me show you the immediate benefits you can expect from The Caddy Card™.

I will be seeing you!

Distributor of the Caddy Card: The Golf Scoring System