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The Caddy Card is an attractive, full-color, custom designed course guide, scorecard, and training aid all in one pocket sized book.
Millions of Caddy Cards have been produced for golf courses throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico with thousands of advertisers that promote their businesses inside our Caddy Cards.

Golfers, golf courses, and advertisers all benefit when a new Caddy Card is produced. 

Golfers love the detailed hole graphics, yardage markers, and record keeping system that the Caddy Card provides. Not only does the Caddy Card help to guide the golfer around the golf course, it also helps them to play better golf. By keeping track of all shots taken, clubs used, fairways and greens hit, putts made, etc… a golfer is able to analyze their complete game, find their weakest areas, and go to work on improving those areas. Golfers typically keep the Caddy Card long after their round is finished and refer back to it throughout the year to check their progress. The Caddy Card is given free to golfers playing at the course. 

The golf course gets a beautiful new course guide complete with hole graphics, yardage markers, and a scorecard in the middle, all at no cost. The cost of production is supported by local and national businesses that advertise in the Caddy Card. The Caddy Card adds more prestige to the golf course, and allows the course to showcase all of their facilities and services in attractive full color spots throughout the Caddy Card. The golf course saves money on the scorecards they no longer have to produce, and at the same time the Caddy Card provides a much higher quality, more desirable complete game tracking and scoring system for their players.

The Caddy Card is the perfect place for advertisers to reach a targeted segment of the population that has one of the highest discretionary incomes in the nation… Golfers! Each advertiser receives hundreds of thousands of exposures to golfers on an annual basis, and they do so at very attractive, competitive rates. The Caddy Card is unique to their marketplace.
Distributor of the Caddy Card: The Golf Scoring System