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The Caddy Card is an attractive, full-color, custom designed course guide, scorecard, and training aid all in one pocket sized book.
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Golf Courses Love the Caddy Card 

- The golf course gets a beautiful new course guide complete with hole graphics, yardage markers, and a scorecard in the middle, all at NO COST.

- The Caddy Card acts as a brilliant, full color advertising brochure for the golf course to showcase all of their facilities. The course typically receives 2-3 pages of free advertising. 

- The Caddy Card saves the golf course money by substantially reducing or even eliminating the need for the course to produce any additional future scorecards. 

- The Caddy Card is custom designed for each golf course with their unique features. 

- The Caddy Card adds more image and prestige to the golf course. 

- The Caddy Card helps speed up the pace of play by assisting new players with course familiarity. 

- The Caddy Card can generate more income for the club pro, as players are motivated to take more lessons. 

Golfers Love the Caddy Card 

- The Caddy Card guides golfers around the course with detailed hole graphics and yardage markers. 

- The Caddy Card is a complete game tracking and scoring system. Golfers can record every shot taken, clubs used, fairways hit, greens in regulation, putts made, and sand saves, allowing golfers to identify and work on the weaker areas of their game. 

- The Caddy Card is given FREE to each golfer playing the course. 

Distributor of the Caddy Card: The Golf Scoring System